YLS Calendar

We have added a link for the YLS Calendar in the column to the right.  I hope to be able to integrate the calendar into the site, but this will have to do for now. 


Womens’ Resource Center’s Wine, Women and Chocolate

Join the Women’s’ Resource Center on September 24, 2008 for an evening of wine, chocolate, and a silent auction.




For those of you familiar with the online networking vehicle, Linked-in, the Grand Rapids YLS Section has created a YLS group.  Just search for Grand Rapids Bar Association, Young Lawyers Section, and you will be directed to the networking group.  For those of you who are not familiar with Linked-in, I hope you check it out at www.linkedin.com.

YLS Fantasy Football

It’s time for the 2nd Annual Season of YLS Fantasy Football.  Last season we had 13 participants.  I heard from plenty of people throughout last season who expressed an interest in joining the next time around.  Well, that time is now.  If there is enough interest we may split the league into two conferences, just like the NFL.

But, first things first, if you are interested e-mail me at jeff.black@kentcountymi.gov by Monday, August 18th.

Once I have the list of participants we will do our best to find a date to hold the Draft.
Last year we were able to hold a live draft at McFadden’s, which, I believe most would agree, was the highlight of the season.  So, hopefully we will be able to coordinate our schedules and do the same again.

There is no entry fee as the prize is bragging rights and a handsome trophy, currently in the possession of Brad Defoe, last year’s champion.

I look forward to receiving your e-mails!

Here are last year’s final standings.  A 14 week schedule was followed by an 8-team playoff.

1. Pacman’s Rainmakers (Brad Defoe)

2. Westphal&Noisewater (Jeff Black)

3. The Rookies (Diedre Link)

4. Lawyers (Ed Winkler)

5. JonKitna4MVP (Stephen Hulst)

6. The Wicked Wiks (Matt and Erica Wikander)

7. RUaCOP? (Norman Yi)

8. The Tortfeasors (Aaron Smith)

9. Heinz Field Homies (Hal Ostrow)

10 .Hammer (Ben Hammond)

11. Cougars (Joe Belsito)

12. Bad Newz Bearz (Benjamin Lane)

13. Pretty Boys (Rebecca Dukes)

New Legislation Gives Aid to Legal Aid

The Legal Service Corporation reports that the student loan repayment program included in the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act will greatly assist legal aid offices in recruiting and retaining high-quality lawyers:

“Under the legislation signed by President Bush on Aug. 14, the Secretary of Education may offer student loan repayments of up to $6,000 a year to civil legal assistance attorneys who agree to a minimum three-year commitment to their work.  Total loan repayments cannot exceed $40,000, according to the law.  The loan repayment provision in the bill was championed by Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa, who began his career as a legal aid attorney, and Rep. George Miller of California.  Sens. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, Michael B. Enzi of Wyoming and Barbara A. Mikulski of Maryland were key proponents of the bill.”

Welcome to the YLS Blog!

Folks, I am going to go out on a limb and boldly predict that this internet thing is going to be around for a while.  Since we do not want to be left in the dust, the Young Lawyers Section (“YLS”) of the Grand Rapids Bar Association has decided to leap into the 21st Century and embrace the internet.  Yes, it is true, YLS has entered the blogosphere!


What is the YLS blog?  The YLS blog is an interactive online journal where a designated group of young lawyers (bloggers) can post (blog) about anything of interest to them.  For example, YLS bloggers might blog about substantive legal issues, upcoming YLS events, associate compensation, Judge Judy, or the musings of a young lawyer in Grand Rapids.  YLS members, and anyone else in the general public, can comment on a bloggers post.  


Why blog?  In May 2008, YLS conducted a straw poll of its members which revealed a need for improved communication from YLS.  The blog allows YLS members to receive notice of upcoming events by visiting the blog site; members can also provide valuable feedback to YLS by posting their comments about the events.  The interactive nature of the blog allows YLS to create dialogue with its members.  It also provides an opportunity for young lawyers who are not able to attend YLS meetings to actively participate in the Section. By subscribing to an RSS feed, readers can receive notice anytime new content is posted to the blog.